Edgebanding Router Bits

The Burgess Edge Edgebanding Router Bits

The original Burgess Edge is a matched profile pair of router bits with ½” shafts for use with a common woodworker’s router for ¾” material.

Each of the two cutting tools consists of a shaft with a removable nut, two mirror image carbide profile cutters, and one or two bearings. The bits can be expanded by means of shim washers to accomodate the variations in veneer plywood and the significant difference in the thicknesses of melamine and MDF. The natural wood insert is glued into the matching plywood dado to complete the finished edgiebanding.

Burgess Edge bits ExplodedInfill left, plywood right
  •  Use to make plywood cabinet doors that do not show a visible frame on the face.
  • Create curved edgbanding for non linear designs without time consuming set ups.
  • Can be used to align face frames with plywood surface.
  • Self-align decorative edgebanding on shelves such as a bull nose.

Instructions -SB edits

 Printable instructions (PDF)