Revolutionary Edgebanding

The Burgess Edge is the only edgebanding system that employs bearings to index the edge of both the plywood and natural wood insert. The plywood bit excavates the inner plies on the edge of the plywood and the bits two bearings follow the surface veneer. The insert bit shapes a natural wood insert of the same wood species as the plywood veneer and the bits bearing follows the woods edge. The resulting edgeband resembles a jointed board in appearance and durability.

The Burgess Edge

Ends awkward handling of plywood

  • You move the router while the plywood remains stationary

  • No forcing warped plywood on the router table. The router base naturally follows the warp

  • The plywood bit bearing follows the veneer of the plywood, allowing you to edgeband curves and non-linear shapes

A better value than stationary machinery

  • Capable of edgebanding convex and concave radii and inside corners

  • Compact, portable, and ergonomic design for ease of use and flexibility

  • Bits made of high carbon steel for durability and precision cutting.


Shortens set-up time

  • The depth of cut is determined automatically. You only need to adjust the width of the cut depending on the plywood thickness.

  • The bearings on both the infill and plywood bits index the material being shaped, ensuring mistake free operation.