Innovative Bits

New Burgess Edge Innovative Bits

The BE Sheer Cut Pattern Bit

The Burgess Edge sheer cut Pattern Bit is unique.

1. Capable of handling 5/4” material.

2. The carbide on the cutters overlaps to render a continuous, seamless cut.

3. The cutters spiral in opposite directions giving the user flexibility to determine which way the cutters are to be stacked to obtain the best result.

4. Two different diameter bearings are provided with the bit. This feature gives the bit unprecedented versatility. The large diameter bearing is equal in size to the carbide cutters and can be used either on the top of the cutters so the bit functions as a pattern bit duplicating original patterns or on the bottom so the bit functions as a flush cutter for trimming.

5. The small bearing is ¼” smaller in radius than the cutters. If the small bearing is used between the two cutters, the bit will create a ¼’ by ¼” tongue. When the small bearing is positioned on the outside of both cutters, the bit functions as a rabbet bit capable of cutting a ¼” X (up-to) 5/4” rabbet.

6. The bit works well on tricky grain.

Four alternative ways to configure The BE sheer cut pattern bit

Four alternative ways to configure
The BE sheer cut pattern bit


The BE adjustable Bull Nose Bit

adjustable bullnose bitThe Burgess Edge adjustable bull nose bit makes adding a bull nose edge to ¾” material quick and easy. The bit is designed to be used freehand with a straight edge. Therefore it is unnecessary to mount your router in a router table. The bit is particularly useful in conjunction with the Burgess Edge edgebanding system, because the extent of bullnose cut corresponds exactly to the bearing. Simply clamp a straight edge along the plywood veneer and add a perfect bull nose to your edgebanded plywood.

bullnose bit illustrated