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WORKBENCH – April 2004
Fine Woodworking – December 2003
Woodworker’s Journal – August 2003
American Woodworker – March 2003

Testimonials from our customers

WORKBENCH – April 2004

Burgess Edge System- A Better Way to Edgeband“When building projects out of plywood, glueing strips of hardwood to the exposed edge is the typical way to make the shelf look like a solid wood panel.

The problem is that applying these strips can get to be a real chore…”

“Improved Edgebanding¬†— The Burgess Edge system eliminates both of these problems. This system consists of two router bits. One bit cuts a concave recess in the edige of a 3/4″ plywood panel…The other makes matching convex profile in a peice of hardwood. The result is perfectly aligned edgebanding.”

Excerpt from Article in Workbench, April 2004

Edgebanding systemThe Burgess Edge 3/4″ Bits
Price: $129.00 
(plus shipping)

The Burgess Edge 3/4″ Bits are a patented, matched pair of router bits that enables the user to edgeband plywood in a unique and superior edgebanding process.

For more information and to purchase our excellent Edgebanding products please check out our online store.

Testimonials – Read What Our Customers are Saying:

“Hi Rob-I bought your plywood edge mldg. bits last week and really like how the perform. I thought you might like to know that they can be used with any size of edging ( like 1 1/4″ countertop edge ) just by cutting a relief rabbet on the lower half of the mldg. It might help to sell them if this was known. Have a good day.”

Customer project

Cheers Wally !!

“I received the router bits a couple of days ago and decided to edge band some birch plywood with red oak. It’s beautiful! Now I’ll have to stain the plywood to match the edge.”


“I just bought your edgebanding bits. They are great. I build a lot of face frame cabinets out of quarter sawn woods. I build raised panels for all end runs and I use your bits to route out the edge of the face frame and glue in an insert with matching quartersawn grain. I then trim it flush with a flush trimming bit. It looks great. Do you have a set for 1/2 inch plywood. I use 1/2 inch plywood for upper cabinet shelves and would love to have a set for that.”


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